Cooling vests for dogs

Our mission is to give your dog the best possible support when it gets warm or hot. Dogs do not like temperatures above 20 ° C.

Did you know that:

  • Dogs inhale and exhale up to 200-300 times per minute to cool?

  • The nose is the essential organ of thermoregulation in the dog?

  • The special inner structure of the nose has approximately the surface size of the entire dog?

  • Many dogs get so-called heat stress because dogs can not sweat like humans and the body's own cooling options are not sufficient, especially in short-nosed dogs such as pug, bulldog, etc.?

Why cooling or thermal protection is important for your dog?

Dogs warm up very quickly in summer. The temperature of the fur can quickly rise to almost 70°C. Due to the fast panting, dogs try to cool down, but this leads to great stress on the circulation.

With its products, creates a "heat shield" and prevents the heat from heating up the dog directly. Our products are best suited for:

  • Dogs with short noses, in which the nose is too small in relation to the body (bulldog-like dogs like pug, franz, bulldoge, boxer, etc.)

  • All your dog's activities in warm or hot surroundings

  • Older dogs, which tend to circulatory problems

  • Sport dogs in training

  • Service dogs in training or use

  • For your daily dog walk