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Review Comfortable cooling mat for dogs: at home and on the go

Comfortable cooling mat for dogs: at home and on the go

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The powerful cooling mat that really cools! 100% dry, pleasant refreshment for at home, in the dog crate in the car or on the go. Works well (see pictures)
2-3 days

The 100% dry evaporative cooling mat for dogs cools best!

Dogs feel most comfortable when the outside temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius. Panting is the only way to cool the body at higher temperatures, because unfortunately they cannot remove their warm fur. Helps dogs significantly reduce heat stress on warm days.

The main features

  • optimally supports the dog on warm days
  • offers up to 3 days of cooling comfort
  • provides refreshment up to 15ºC below ambient
  • can be reactivated over 750 times (54,000 hours, for a dog's life)
  • stays 100% dry inside and out
  • is machine washable and has antibacterial properties
  • is easy to use and can be easily reused
  • is light, non-toxic and durable
  • is CE marked

A comparison with cheap, gel-based cooling mats clearly shows the superiority of the technology: after several hours in the room it is still over 16 ° C cooler when other mats have already become almost hot.

Instructions for use

Some customers ask us which side is the cooler. Both sides of the cooling mat are almost identically cool. However, the gray side consists of a different surface material and this has a warmer effect on our human skin than the black side. The situation is similar if you hold a glass with one hand and a piece of paper with the other: the paper also appears warmer.

The panting of the dogs causes a higher heart rate and thus an additional load, especially in older dogs . The cooling capacity of our cooling mat perfectly covers the needs for relaxation in a cooling environment. In collaboration with veterinarians , the mat was adapted to the needs of the dog and turned his dog bed into a cooling oasis. Older dogs, which already have age-related changes in the cardiopulmonary circulation, can be optimally supported by the cooling mat in the warm months.

When activated, the cooling mat can also be simply folded up and taken away. So the dog always has the required coolness, no matter where you are with him.

The exceptional cooling performance means that the dog is more efficient in warm environments and its circulation is spared. Especially with older dogs, the cooling mat can massively improve their quality of life in summer and reduce the heat-related circulatory stress.

But you can also use the cooling mat, be it sunbathing, lying on a deck chair, in the car, etc. Simply activate with water and no sunbathing gets too hot (Warning: UV rays can cause skin diseases, always ensure sufficient protection).

No cooling technology, no additional gels or chemicals are required, it works with water and is 100% dry.