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Review Cooling vest PRO - replacement vest without PCM Pacs

Cooling vest PRO - replacement vest without PCM Pacs

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Do you already have a vest and need a different size? We find the vest without cooling packs.
5-10 days

World novelty: constant coolness for your dog

  • Our certified Bio-PCM works like ice: below 0 ° C, ice is solid, above it it begins to melt and releases 0 ° C into the environment. Our Bio PCM does the same: it freezes below 21 ° C, above that there is a constant pleasant 21 ° C !!

  • The constant temperature of around 21 ° C is given for 1 to 2 hours, regardless of what the ambient conditions (ie temperature and humidity) are.

  • Ideal for dog sports, walks, mantrailling, service dogs, short-nosed and older dogs

  • 20% lighter than water

  • The version with 29 ° C enables a longer service life and is used as a highly efficient heat protection shield in very hot weather.

How does Bio PCM work?

Our Bio PCM is a high-tech product!

  1. Place the Bio PCM-Pacsd in the refrigerator, freezer or some other place below 21 ° C.
  2. After a short time, the Bio PCM-Pac is solid (= "frozen")
  3. If your dog needs to cool down, put the Pacs in the vest and your dog will feel absolutely comfortable. The cooling time is between 1.5 and 4 hours depending on the outside temperature and the selected PCM temperature.

Detailed information and instructions can be found in this PDF .

Size Chart

Our cooling vest adapts very well to the dog's body shape thanks to the use of a new 3D stretch material. The most important size is your dog's body weight and chest size (B). Please measure this directly behind the front legs of your dog.

Important: The vest should not be too tight. If in doubt, choose the next larger vest.


1. Weight of the dog 19kg (size M), chest 77cm (size L) -> correct size: L

2. Weight of the dog 10kg (size S), chest 57cm (size M) -> correct size: M

3. Weight of the dog 23kg (size L), chest circumference 80cm (size L) -> correct size: L

Since the evaporative coolness depends to a certain extent on the air flow in the area, it is better to use a larger vest if in doubt (depending on the breed). If you are unsure, call us or send an email and we will be happy to help you (0041 33 511 11 77)!

Size (cm / in) PACs
à 84gr.
body weight B C.


Approx. 5-10kg.





Approx. 10-20kg.

L 6
Approx. 20-30kg. 75-88cm


C. 30-45kg.



Why cooling down makes sense for dogs

Dogs feel most comfortable when the outside temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius. If this increases, they try to cool the body by panting (dogs cannot sweat like humans).

Dogs try to cool down by panting intensely . They breathe in up to 300 times per minute through the nose and out through the snout. There is "heat stress" because the dog's body is now running at full speed. Panting causes a higher heart rate and thus an additional burden on the organism. Our cooling vest helps the dog to reduce this heat stress.

In cooperation with veterinarians , the vest was developed according to the needs of the dog and can support him well if the outside temperature is a problem for him. Older dogs, which already have age-related changes in the cardiovascular system, can be optimally supported by the cooling vest in the warm months and their quality of life can be improved.


Technology 100% BIO PCM
Maximum cooling time 1 - 2 hrs. (21°C), 3-5 hrs. (29°C)
Total Kühldauer 200'000 hrs.
Antibacterial coating No
Non-toxicity certified USDA, REACH