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Review Constant cooling at 21 ° C for up to 3 hours

Constant cooling at 21 ° C for up to 3 hours

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Comfortable refreshment with a constant 21 ° C.
2-3 days

The air conditioning system on the go!

Our unique cooling vest offers refreshing cooling in hot surroundings. It constantly emits 21 ° C to the environment and can be worn comfortably over a T-shirt or under other clothing

  • medical protective clothing,
  • Uniforms, firefighters protective suit,
  • Motorcycle clothing,
  • Business clothes etc.

be worn.

PCM (Phase Changing Material) is awesome and works like ice, but it's not that cold. If the ambient temperature rises above 21 ° C, the material continuously releases 21 ° C into the environment for up to 3 hours . If the ambient temperature drops below approx. 18 ° C, the PCM freezes again. The cooler the environment (e.g. refrigerator, freezer compartment, ice water etc.), the faster the vest activates.